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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

Top 10 Parks and Gardens in İzmir

We have listed the parks and gardens where you can spend a quiet and peaceful day in nature.

Karagöl Natural 

Karagöl Natural Park is a place for an escape from the city. It is on Yamanlar Mountain in Karşıyaka district. There is a rural bar, toilets, buffet, picnic units, camp facilities in the park, which is 26 kilometers away from İzmir. Electricity, freshwater and tap water are available. 

The park, which is open for 12 months, is more colorful, especially in autumn and spring. In summer we can say that the weekends are a bit more crowded than weekdays. You can take pleasant walks in the park with short trails around the lake and feed the ducks! This is a nice place to spend a quiet and peaceful day and capture beautiful photos of nature.

İzmir Birds Paradise

Located in Çiğli, İzmir Birds Paradise covers a large area of 8 thousand hectares. Shore swamps, freshwater swamps, water meadows, reeds, saltpans, hills, fishponds and many different biotopes of the delta in Çiğli provide shelter for rare birds and other high variety for other species. 289 bird species live in İzmir Birds Paradise. It is also one of the most important reproduction and nutrition areas of Pelecanus Crispus, which is found only in five places in Turkey and is an endangered bird species. You can watch these birds from the observation towers and take beautiful photographs.

Natural Life Park

Opened in 2008, Natural Life Park embodies the zoo of the city. 27 km from Çiğli city center, The largest natural life park of Europe, İzmir Natural Life Park, is one of the prestigious projects of İzmir. 

Thanks to the special arrangements made in the area, the necessary conditions are provided for the comfort of the animals. The Natural Life Park has been increasing the number of species and varieties with 1048 animals in 128 species. Being a member of The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), the Natural Life Park attracts great attention, especially from children. There are Asian elephants, African savannas, tigers, lions, cougars, birds of prey, hyenas, bears as well as a wolf shelter, a monkey island, the children's zoo, a tropical center, a cafeteria, and a gift shop in the park.

Tay Park

Designed to strengthen children's love for animals and communication between them, Tay Park (Colt Park) is a place where you can spend an enjoyable day with your children in Karşıyaka, Mavişehir. Your children can play with pony horses, Cameroon sheep, and horses in the horse riding manege area.

These lovely animals at the park also play an active part in the rehabilitation of kids with autism thanks to the organizations held on four days of the week. Please keep in mind that the park is more crowded on weekends. 


One of the largest green areas of Konak district is Kültürpark. The park, which is established on an area of ​​420 thousand square meters, hosts various activities throughout the year.

The park is also home to many structures such as İsmet Inonu Art Center, İzmir History and Art Museum, and Parachute Tower. In the park, where you can see many statues and fountains, we recommend you to visit the Plant Garden of the Fisherman of Halicarnassus, where you can find the plants that are planted by the author Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı and frequently mentioned in his works.

Bornova Büyükpark

Büyükpark, which is the meeting place of Bornova residents, includes Ayfer Feray Open Air Theater and Uğur Mumcu Cultural Center. With its fountain and playgrounds for children, hiking trails, cafeterias, and The Women’s Coffeeshop, Büyükpark is a quiet place where you can stay away from the crowds of the city and spend time with nature.

Tanay Recreation Area

This recreation area is located in Çeşme district, Ilıca region, 85 kilometers from Izmir. There is a country club with a sea view, toilets, snack stand, picnic units, tent areas, electricity, and drinking and utility water. Overnight stays are possible. The daily visitor capacity is 500 people, 100 tents and 50 beds.

Buca Hasanağa Garden

With its large picnic area and green nature, this is a must-see place in Buca. The park, which is located on an area of 55 thousand square meters, has children's playgrounds, a track where you can run around the clock, a basketball court, a fitness court, and squash areas.

Yamamoto Japanese Garden

The garden was built in memory of the architect Tatsuya Yamamoto, who lived in Turkey for many years and passed away in 2010. Located in Bayraklı, the garden has Sakura, Gynkı, Biloba, and Bamboo trees that are unique to Japan. There are also two pools, bridges, walk paths, and an information area in the garden.

Efeoğlu Recreation Area

This park, located in Yeşilköy region of Torbalı district, is 22 kilometers away from İzmir. The area covered with Calabrian pines has enclosed snack stands, toilets, picnic units, electricity, drinking and utility water. There are play areas for kids in the park. The daily capacity for visitors is one thousand people.


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