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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

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Towns and Villages Where You Can Have An Isolated Vacation in Izmir

No matter what you expect from a vacation, there is a perfect option for you in Izmir. In addition to around the clock busy holiday resorts such as Alaçatı, many quiet spots appeal to those who want to spend a peaceful time in this beautiful city to feel rested and renewed. Here are the destinations where you can take an isolated vacation and find peace in Izmir.


If your expectation from Izmir is to spend calm and peaceful days, Seferihisar is just for you, since this charming town is Turkey's first Slow City (Cittaslow).

The Slow City (Cittaslow) movement, which emerged upon the chaos brought by consumption-oriented modern life, creating unhappiness and restlessness instead of happiness and peace in our lives, is a philosophy that advocates that life should be lived at a pace to enjoy it. The four cornerstones of this philosophy, Slow life, Urban spirit, Sustainable development, and Slow food have become the identity of Seferihisar.

When you come to Seferihisar, you are surprised how slow life flows. Living slowly, enjoying life, spending time with our loved ones and ourselves is a part of everyday life in Seferihisar. As you slowly step through the streets of Seferihisar, you realize the value of each moment.

You can start visiting this town, which is very sensitive about the environment, from Sığacık. After visiting Teos Ancient City, you can enjoy the sea in many beautiful beaches and bays such as Büyük Akkum Beach and Akarca Beach. You can also explore the nearby untouched and peaceful bays with daily boat tours departing from Sığacık.

If you want to have an isolated vacation in a tent or caravan in Seferihisar, you can stay in Mona Camp or the Ekmeksiz Camping Area.

Eski Foça

Another destination to go when it comes to a quiet and peaceful vacation in Izmir is Eski Foça (meaning Old Foça in Turkish). Thanks to its picturesque fishing boats along the coast, flower-lined streets adorned with stone houses, a blue flag beach, and the most famous sunset, you can be sure that your time in this cute town will make you feel refreshed.

The places to visit in Eski Foça, which was one of the most important settlements of the ancient Ionia include Beşkapılar Castle and City Walls, Eski Foça Port, Athena Temple, Cybele Open Air Temple, Kayalar Mosque, Fatih Mosque, Devil Bath, and The Windmills. Orak Island, İncir (Fig) Island, and the Siren Rocks where Mediterranean monk seals live are as popular and worthy to see as the beaches of the region.

Çanak Bay Camping Area and Sazlıca Beach Camp are two addresses that appeal to those who want to experience isolated accommodation in the area.

Dikili and Bademli Villages

The reasons we can list for you to discover Dikili, one of the most tranquil places among the holiday destinations of Izmir, are endless.

First of all, Dikili is a place where you can experience the blue and green together. It is a fascinating district with its blue flag beaches, beautiful sea, healing spring waters, and historical texture. If you are interested in historical heritage, you can visit Aterneus and Pitane ancient cities, and visit Çandarlı Castle. If you want to benefit from the healing waters of Dikili, we recommend you to visit thermal springs in Nebiler and Bademli villages. If you’d like to spend some time in nature, you should try Nebiler Waterfall, the volcanic lake of Karagöl, Kemente Plateau, Yahşibey Village, and Atatürk Botanical Garden.

Çandarlı Kale Önü Public Beach, Hayıtlı, and Zindancık are the most popular beaches in the district where you can enjoy the sea and the sun. You can also swim in almost every corner of Bademli Village, which is known for its unique bays.

We also recommend you to try the healing hot springs of Dikili, which is an important destination for health tourism. You can try the healing waters that are good for many diseases and pamper yourself in the hot springs, which are generally located close to the sea. Nebiler Spa and Bademli Sea Spa are two of the best spots to try.

Urla and Balıklıova Village

While those looking for a bustling vacation continue on their way to Çeşme, if you leave the highroad at the Urla exit, you can start a calm and peaceful holiday just like the neighboring districts of Karaburun and Seferihisar.

Urla is the address of a peaceful holiday where you can immerse yourself into the clear waters of the Aegean sea in beautiful bays. With its natural beauties, historical buildings worth seeing, and its unique cuisine, Urla is ready to welcome you into the serene atmosphere of the Aegean.

If you want to spend a quiet and peaceful Urla vacation, we recommend you to pass the most touristic spot of the district, Çeşmealtı, and give Klizman a chance. Klizman beaches are not only preferred by those who'd love swimming, but also for those who want to go for a walk or have a picnic after sunbathing. Many quiet bays, where the deep blue sea is intertwined with pale sand and lush trees, await you in Klizman.

63 km to İzmir and 30 km to Urla, the Balıklıova Village is also a must-see destination. It is situated at the southernmost point of the Karaburun Peninsula. There is a cooling wind at the village even in summer. Balıklıova Village is also famous for its Turkish Shortbread.

Gümüldür and Özdere

Menderes is a district where you can not get enough of its nature with its beautiful bays, recreation areas, and hiking trails. The two towns where you can stay here are Gümüldür and Özdere.

The land of Satsuma with the great smell, Gümüldür combines the green with the blue and with a 7-kilometer coastline and blue flagged beaches and hotels that cater for all budgets, it is one of the towns where the sea tourism is increasing. However, this trend should not be intimidating because there are still many places in Gümüldür where you can have an isolated vacation in touch with nature. If you stay at the Gümüldür Recreation Area or Hipocamp, you can accommodate in nature.

In Özdere, which is very close to Gümüldür, Kalemlik Camping Area is a fascinating spot with its deep blue sea and magnificent view.

If you’re a history enthusiast, you should visit the Ancient City of Kolophon, which was the only Ionian city that wasn’t built by the sea, the Ancient City of Temnos which was built on Kayacak Hill, Ancient City of Nation and the theater in it, and the Klaros Prediction Center, which was one of the most important prophecy sites of its time. Yıkı (meaning ruined in Turkish) Minaret, Cüneyt Bey Mosque, Kasımpaşa Mosque and Mausoleum, and Samancıoğlu Mosque are among the other buildings worth seeing.


With its natural beauties, healing herbs, traditions, and peaceful life philosophy, Karaburun is one of the niche tourism destinations in Izmir, 100 kilometers away from the city center.

Despite its beautiful bays, clear sea, and natural beaches, Karaburun is one of the rare places that maintain its calmness. There are beautiful beaches where you can enjoy the sea. Besides Kuyucak and Akvaryum (İncirlikoy) beaches, if you are looking for calmness, you can choose places like Eşendere, Saipaltı, İğdealtı, Büyükkent, and Dolungaz.

When you take a break from enjoying the sea in the district, you can visit Müesser Aktaş Ethnography Museum and History House, Narkisos Spring, Ayşe Hatun Mosque, Greek Villages, historical fountains, and windmills.

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