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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

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Vacation Preparations for Families with Children During the Pandemic

With the pandemic's spreading speed decreasing, families with children have also begun to make vacation plans. After talking about the Precautions To Take While On Vacation, let's talk about the things that families with children should pay attention to before going on vacation.

First step: Health checks

Pediatric Health and Disease specialists recommend meeting with them first before going on vacation to perform routine checks such as vaccinating your children and monitoring their growth and development.

If your child has any chronic disease, you should contact the relevant department and make a vacation plan accordingly. Also, if there are medications your child uses regularly, don't forget to take them with you. Take plenty of children's clothes with you, especially for younger children to change their clothes several times a day.

If your child is over two years old, do not forget to buy enough masks for yourself and them. The use of masks for children under two years of age is not recommended due to the risk of breathing problems.

Again, you should take enough of the licensed hand sanitizer products containing at least 60 percent alcohol and ministry approval for both you and your child.

Transportation and Facility Selection

For families with children, the choice of vehicle to go on vacation and the features of the facility to accommodate are also of great importance:

•      While going on a vacation, using your own vehicle instead of public transportation such as airplanes, trains, or buses reduces the risk of infection. For the long trips in hot weather, you can use air conditioning of the car if you are only with the members of your own family in the vehicle. However, you should make sure that the air does not blow directly to your children.

•      One of the most enjoyable activities of summer vacation is swimming, of course. However, since the virus continues to be excreted from the body for another a few weeks, the risk is estimated to be higher in common pools compared to the seas. Although there is no clear evidence on this subject, experts recommend that you prefer the sea instead of the pool. Although chlorination makes the virus inactive, high chlorine rate can harm our children. For all these reasons, you can choose the hotels that are close to the sea rather than the facilities with a pool of their own.

•      The most important point in the facility selection is hygiene, of course. If you are going to spend your vacation in İzmir, you can be sure that your facility meets the criteria determined by the scientists by choosing accommodation and catering facilities that have the Orange Circle Certificate.

Measures You Can Take During Your Vacation

After the health checks to make sure that your child does not have any problems preventing them from going on vacation, choosing your facility, and the means of transportation, it comes to other points that you should pay attention to have a safe vacation. In line with the recommendations of the experts, we can list these measures as follows:

•      Just like in your daily life, you should wash your hands and your child's hands frequently on vacation. Make sure your children wash their hands for 20 seconds after getting out of the vehicle, when entering and leaving the toilet, before and after meals, after touching the common materials in the pool, the sea, and the playground.

•      Use sunbathing areas where sun loungers, umbrellas, and tables are arranged according to social distancing rules.

•      Prefer accommodation facilities that are as quiet and not too crowded.

•      Avoid narrow and closed areas such as elevators whenever possible.

•      During your vacation, you should ensure that your child's sleep pattern stays the same. Sleeping at late hours and waking up late during vacation negatively affects the immune system.

•      Just like in everyday life, you should pay attention to your kids' nutrition during the vacation too. Due to its antioxidant and immune-boosting effects, be sure to include red and purple seasonal fruits such as blackberries, black mulberry, cherries, strawberries, grapes, and plums, which can be easily found in the summer, in your children's diet.

•      Another measure you can take to keep your immune system strong is to do sports with your children during the vacation. By cycling, swimming, or walking, you can keep your child moving and thus prevent the immune system from weakening.

•      If your child will spend time with other children in areas such as mini clubs and playrooms, make sure that these areas meet the requirements of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. According to the circular issued by the Ministry, these areas should meet the following conditions:

•      The number of children allowed to the area at the same time should be limited.

•      Fever measurements should be made for all children at admission. The children with complaints such as fever and/or cough and a runny nose should not be admitted to the area.

•      Hand disinfectant should be placed in a place inaccessible to children and hand disinfection should be carried out under the supervision of staff at entry and exit.

•      The doors and windows should be frequently opened to ensure the ventilation of the area.

•      Toys that are suitable for disinfection should be used instead of plushy toys that are difficult to clean and keep hygienic.

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