Made by Izmir

İzmir is one of the most important port cities of the Mediterranean. It has a unique location that connects the world trading routes since the most ancient times. Izmir, as a city where products come from all over the world, has gathered everything in humanity's cultural understanding together with goods and wealth.  It brought together cultures, beliefs and ideas; shaped a unique civilization. Made by Izmir OF Izmir Foundation project reflects the 8.500-year history and ancient nature of this city. It reveals every shadow from the past to the present, explores its meanings, brings it together with the present and carries it into the future. Made by İzmir immortalizes the ancient design culture of İzmir.

The Made by İzmir project took its first step with the inspiration it got from Bergama carpets. Bergama carpets, which has the unique beauty of Anatolian abstract art with their patterns and narratives, took a new form on the plates of Made by İzmir.


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