Orange Circle

What is the Orange Circle? 

  • The Orange Circle is the first hygiene certification given by a local government in Turkey. 
  • Project activities are carried out with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tourism Hygiene Board and District Municipalities.
  • The certificate is given free of charge to facilities that have successfully completed the evaluation of the criteria set by the Tourism Hygiene Board.


What is the Purpose of the Orange Circle? 

  • The Orange Circle certificate was created to help the accommodation and food & beverage facilities for adaptation to the pandemic process. The Orange Circle's main goal is to make Izmir to stand out as a hygienic and safe tourism destination by ensuring Izmir survives this pandemic process safely. 
  • Also, the Orange Circle aims to contribute to the tourism sector by introducing the accommodation and food & beverage facilities that contribute to Izmir being a healthy city on domestic and international platforms.


Application Process 

  • Businesses wishing to obtain an Orange Circle certificate must apply to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality or district municipalities, in person or online.
  • The evaluation of the applicant facility was made by the evaluation board formed by the District Municipalities under the coordination of the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tourism Department. After the positive evaluations, the Orange Circle Certificate will deliver to the facilities. To ensure the reliability and sustainability of the certificate, audits are also carried out for businesses receiving the Orange Circle certificate.


What Are the Orange Circle Criteria? 

  • It has two separate scoring systems as accommodation and food & beverage facilities.
  • The scoring of food & beverage businesses is over 100 points and the scoring of accommodation businesses is over 200 points.
  • Businesses that complete 75% of the scoring are eligible for the Orange Circle certificate.


Application & Contact

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
Tourism Department
Şehit Fethi Bey St. No: 4 / 1A
Konak / Izmir




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