Olivelo Living Park

Olivelo Living Park; by preserving its natural texture, it creates awareness about olives, which are the cultural and natural heritage of the region.  It is waiting for its visitors to listen to the story of the olive right in its nature. 
The area, which is very close to İzmir hosts a little-known well-preserved Mediterranean ecosystem, opens up to hiking nature lovers. In the area, the effect of the natural structure formed by the elevation of the mountain's geomorphological processes on today's biological diversity is striking, primarily in the valley formation process. Olivelo Living Park, which is a unique example of olive pastures in the Aegean Mediterranean in Anatolia, shaped by oak culture, is also an ancient production basin. Olive oak trees intertwined in the area are located one after another in this ecosystem. The richness of the area can be seen by observing the gum bushes, hackberry, raspberry, wild rabbits, pigs, foxes, red hawks, hawks, red rhinoceros, hoopoes, bee-eaters many other species that take their place in this relationship. Olivelo, which also hosts different hiking routes, is also a suitable area for cycling and camping activities. Also, it aims to make the region an important cycling station by connecting it with the EuroVelo. While the Olivelo becomes the cycling station, it will be the junction point of Olive Road, Urla Vineyard Route, and EuroVelo in the region.
Olivelo does not interfere with nature's cycle. On the contrary, it has an understanding that supports nature. It is a magnificent park designed with the theme of a sustainable future, where respect for nature is carefully preserved.

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