Malkoç (Malgaca) Springs

Urla / İzmir

Malkoç (Malgaca) Springs

It is 10 kilometers away from Urla district, on the Izmir - Çeşme road. Malgaca spirits have been known for many years. It is thought to be beneficial in the work of the intestines, liver and biliary tract diseases. It is in the class of sodium chloride mineral waters and the amount of salt is high. Its temperature is 22 degrees, its radioactivity is 7.54 eman, its pH value is 6.92. It contains 7.5 grams of total mineralization per liter. Spring was formerly operated by a facility which is now in ruins. However, the spring is still potable.

The history

It was once the favorite summer resort of Izmir, and it is said that a fair was set up on August 1 and various dishes were sold. Along with these, local people also marketed their harvest and other products in this fair. The biggest reason why İçmeler was such a popular place, especially between 1950-1980, was the Malgaca Springs. The fame of healing water spread throughout the country. People from all over the Turkey used to come to drink this water. Since it is on the Çeşme road, it has preserved its liveliness for many years but the popularity ended after İzmir Çeşme highway was put to service in 1990's.


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