Ayşe Kadın Mosque

Karaburun / İzmir

Ayşe Kadın Mosque

It is an early Ottoman mosque located in Izmir province, Karaburun district, Eski Mordoğan village, village square. It has cut brick stone and a central dome. Its minaret, which rises on a two-level base, sits on a square platform. It is said that this mosque model was taken from one of the mosques in the Kaaba. A hundred years older than Istanbul mosques is known, it was built by a girl named Ayşe Hatun, who died at a young age, by her mother upon her last will (buy my dowry and make a mosque). The master who built the mosque embroidered Mordoğan's daffodil, hyacinth, carnation, olive motifs handcrafted by the young girl on the dome of the mosque with natural herb and egg white mix paints. The wooden joinery and pulpit were made of small pieces. The 2.5-meter clock made of wood 450 years ago in the mosque is still working. The mosque, which has not been repaired since then, was repaired by the Izmir Regional Directorate of Foundations.

The history

The mosque does not have a build and master inscription. There is no source providing information on this subject. However, today, the inscription plate with Latin letters, which was prepared by the Directorate of Foundations and placed on the mosque, states that it was built by a builder named Ayşe Kadın in the 14th century.


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