Kılıçaslan Mosque

Selçuk / İzmir

Kılıçaslan Mosque

It is in Selçuk, Atatürk District. Kallunger Main Road 1058 St. No: 2. It is a work of the 14th century Selçuk Principality. It is square shaped. The outer walls were made alternately using a row of bricks and two rows of stones. It is covered with an octagonal pulley and a single dome on the pulley. The last congregation place is covered with a wall from the west. It is arranged in the form of a colonnade shaped by four columns and three pointed arches, one of which is a burial column from the east with a pointed arch. Inside, there is a recessed elephant foot on both sides and a flat marble Iento on the sides, and a pointed support arch made of brick on it.


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