Notion Ancient City

Menderes / İzmir

Notion Ancient City

After the destruction of the city of Kolophon by Lysmakhos in 302 BC, its neighboring city Notion gains importance. Notion, which is a port city, is within the borders of today's Ahmetbeyli village. Acropolis (inner castle) of the city, which the villagers call a castle today, is on a hill overlooking the sea. The walls surrounding the city have two gates opening to the harbor.

The history

After the death of Alexander the Great, who dominated this region, a complex and bloody process began between the Hellenistic cities. On these dates, a political union was established by making a common citizenship agreement between Notion and Kolophon. Later, this region falls within the borders of the Roman Empire. Although Notion is an independent city, it is always mentioned with the city of Kolophon. Although Kolophon was strong in terms of military and social functions, Notion was less powerful and economically dull. Notion was completely abandoned after being the episcopal center for a short time during the Byzantine period.


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