Alaçatı Urban Protected Area

Çeşme / İzmir

Alaçatı Urban Protected Area

The historical settlement texture of Alaçatı consists of two-storey Turkish and Greek architectural styles built adjacent to it, masonry stone structures built using stone obtained from the region, narrow streets, wells in the streets or small squares and symbolic windmills. In addition, there is an archaeological site with church remains (Yeni Mecidiye Neighbourohod-Diyarbakır Street) to the northeast of the urban protected site. While trade (shops, boutique hotels, restaurants, bars, coffee houses, etc.) is concentrated on Kemalpaşa Street, which lies in the east-west direction within the urban protected area, there are generally residences and commercial buildings in Mithatpaşa Main Road, which lies in the north-south direction. Proprietary buildings are densely located along both streets. Pazaryeri Mosque (formerly used as a Church, today it functions as a Mosque) and Hacı Memiş Mosque, located on Mithatpaşa Main Road, are important buildings with the characteristics of monuments.


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