Kazaziye Filigree Art - R. Erdem

Buca / İzmir

Kazaziye Filigree Art - R. Erdem

The Kazaziye, the concrete example of which has survived from ancient times, is on the brooch known as the 'flying horse' in the Uşak museum; It is a handicraft that is widespread in Trabzon, made using a unique knitting technique of pure gold or thousand carat silver wires.
Nowadays, the number of masters producing jewelry and accessories with the kazaziye technique, which has been transferred from old generations to new generations, is increasing.

The history

Filigree, which has a long history, is a handicraft based on combining thinned silver strings into aesthetic forms.

Filigree, a branch of art that continues traditionally in Mardin and Beypazarı, is becoming increasingly widespread today and transformed into modern jewelry, objects and accessories.


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