Sim Sırma Hand Maraş Work - R. Y. Kaynak

Konak / İzmir

Sim Sırma Hand Maraş Work - R. Y. Kaynak

Dating back to the Seljuk period, sim sirma was frequently used to decorate clothes, covers and objects among the people as well as in palaces and mansions. Today, in traditional engagement and wedding dress elements such as bindallı and headscarf; In materials such as prayer rugs, chest covers and bundles, glitter glaze has a special place.

The history

Sim sırma; It has an embroidery technique that is embroidered on both sides of the fabric used to hold the fabric or hoop. There are the stages of drawing the pattern, cutting the leather according to the determined pattern and carving, processing and decoration. Nowadays, especially evening dresses; We come across with glitter in many areas such as bags, shoes, table and bed covers, jewelry and accessories.


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