Toy Making - İ. Uğurlu

Güzelbahçe / İzmir

Toy Making - İ. Uğurlu

Toys have been made from materials such as wood, bone, soil, metal, fabric and leather in the historical process as they are today. It appears as miniature designs of tools and equipment used in daily life. In archaeological excavations, mostly terracotta toys are found.

The history

Wooden toys made of natural materials are more preferred for children's health. Wood toys such as hornbeam, beech and pine are generally used in wooden toys. Paint is mostly not used in toy production. Toys are manufactured in motion. In general, past toys such as wheeled cars and animal models inspire new models and are inspired by traditional models that are adapted to modern life by taking children's ideas. Toys are prepared from various materials such as wood, metal, bone, textiles, leather, fiber, feathers and plant stems. Toys are made for adults as well as for children.
These include intelligence toys, puzzles, cars, miniature size tools and household items, miniature agriculture and animal husbandry tools.


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