Miniature Craft - F. Gürsoy

Karşıyaka / İzmir

Miniature Craft - F. Gürsoy

It is known that miniature, which is a very old painting art, is an art originating from the East and has become widespread in the West. These paintings are small in size, primarily because they appear in manuscripts and books in a way of describing the subject at hand. Special painting and painting techniques, brushes and specially prepared paper, ivory, etc. to process pictures in this size. surfaces are needed. Miniature art, which has a unique understanding of pattern and perspective; As he treats many historical and mythical subjects, he can witness the period he is in as if he were taking a photograph.

The history

Today, miniature art keeps up to date with subject, pattern, color variety and different interpretations. Miniature art is an occupation that requires a long time, attention and patience. The creation of an artwork takes an average of one month, which may take much longer depending on variables such as the content size of the miniature.


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