Coppersmith - H. Var

Konak / İzmir

Coppersmith - H. Var

Copper is one of the oldest mines that have been used both as a daily use item and as a weapon, jewelry and accessory throughout human history. During the process, copper has found a place as a useful material in handicrafts as well as in advanced technology.

The history

Copper processing is basically the process of determining a pattern, drawing or copying this pattern on the copper plate to be processed, then hand-processing it with the help of a tool made of a hard metal called a pencil. In addition to being a work that requires mastery and experience, it is a job that requires constant attention. In some applications, the patterns are varied with coloring agents. It has many applications and uses such as plates, trays, coffee cups, coffee pots, teapots, samovars, jugs, vases, trays, ornaments.


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