Illumination and Miniature Art - S. U. Fidancı

Konak / İzmir

Illumination and Miniature Art - S. U. Fidancı

The art of illumination is a branch of art that has emerged with the desire to decorate religious books and plates or calligraphy and has traces throughout the Turkish history. The patterns that are colored with natural dyes and transferred to the paper prepared by a process called sizing are decorated with very fine special brushes and paints. Processes such as the preparation of paper with natural materials, the use of gold, which has undergone a special process, in painting, and engraving are unique to this art. The male illumination artist is called 'illuminator' and the female artist is 'illuminator'. Stylized plant motifs and geometric patterns have specific names and meanings stemming from historical origin.

The history

It is known that miniature, which is a very old painting art, is an art originating from the East and has become widespread in the West. These paintings are small in size, primarily because they appear in manuscripts and books in a way of describing the subject at hand. Miniature art with its own sense of pattern; it handles many historical topics. Today, miniature art keeps up to date with subject, pattern, color variety and different interpretations. The creation of a work takes an average of one month, which may take much longer depending on variables such as the content size of the miniature.


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