Altınordu Sports Club Museum

Karabağlar / İzmir

Altınordu Sports Club Museum

The old building in Altınordu District is not used today and the museum moved to its new building in Yesilyurt. The old building of Altınordu Sports Club, which enables the district club to be maintained for a long time, is one of the flamboyant buildings of the district and bears the characteristics of the houses of that period.The house, where European and traditional Turkish architectural elements are used together, draws attention with its neo-classical style facade. The building, which is one of the few remaining old houses in Turkey, has the status of a cultural asset to be protected and is within the urban site boundary. Altınordu Sports Club was established on December 26, 1923, the founders of the club were SüleymanFerit Bey [Eczacıbaşı], Ahmet Şerafettin Bey, Kemal Kamil Bey [Aktaş ], EdipBerkant Bey, Pharmacist Sermet Bey, Numanzade Ali Rıza Bey, Muallim Mehmet Rıza Bey, Doctor Hacı Hasanzade Ethem Bey, Katip Selami Bey, Surgeon Necipzade Ali Bey and Pharmacist Rıza Bey. All documents and trophies related to the club are exhibited in the museum. Documents, trophies, shields, certificates and other exhibited objects are not only the pride items of the club but of the overall Turkish sports history.


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