Izmir Inönü House

Konak / İzmir

Izmir Inönü House

Ismet Inönü was born in this house in 1884, when his father Reşit Bey was serving as the Deputy Inquiry Judge in Izmir Courthouse. This building, which is now a museum house, is actually his uncle's house. During the Presidency of Ismet Inönü, the then Mayor of İzmir Dr. Behçet Uz, purchased the house on behalf of the municipality. After 1950, the house was asked to be disposed of by the Izmir Municipality. However, Şerif Remzi Reyent, an Izmir businessman who was close to Inönü, bought the house and presented it to his grand-nephew Ayla Ökmen and also one of İnönü's oldest friends, General Ali Fuat Erden. Ayla Ökmen donated the house to the İnönü Foundation and preserved it. Restoration works were initiated in 1998 by Konak Municipality, Ministry of Culture, History Foundation and Inönü Foundation, as the house, which has aged over time, required a radical repair. This restoration was completed within a year and the building was opened to visitors in 1999 with the participation of İzmir non-governmental organizations. The museum was established in order to keep the memory of Ismet Inönü alive, to collect and protect the belongings and documents left from him, as well as to transfer these documents to future generations by making them a condition that researchers can benefit from. In the house, photographs of Ismet Inönü, various cartoons in the corner of Lausanne, some kitchen utensils, İsmet Pasha's military clothing and various household items can be seen.


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