Köstem Olive Oil Museum [KZM]

Urla / İzmir

Köstem Olive Oil Museum [KZM]

It is a museum complex with a closed area of ​​5 thousand 650 square meters in a total area of ​​20 thousand square meters. The complex includes the Museum of Technology, Soap, Hygiene and Cleaning Museum, modern olive oil factory and warehouse, olive and olive oil information sections, wood and ceramic workshops. In the front garden of the museum, all tree species that can be grown in the region were planted with the logic of creating an arboretum, and in the backyard, an olive tree collection of Anatolian olive cultivation types was created, especially with Aegean region olive species. Levent Köstem, President of Köstem Culture, Education and Museum Foundation, says that their aim is to provide education for children, to turn the museum into an educational institution, and to initiate a work to develop olive, art, culture, history and hand skills. The museum has been serving since November 2017 Turkey 'is the second industrial museum. The museum, oil presses on the olive and olive oil production throughout history, centrifugal machines, are likely to see materials related to soap making.


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