Umran Baradan Games And Toys Museum

Konak / İzmir

Umran Baradan Games And Toys Museum

You are at one of the few toy museums here in Turkey; foundations of this museum were laid by world-renowned ceramic artist Umran Baradan in 2004. Under conceptual supervision of Sunay Akin, the existing collection has been enriched, and museum was taken over by Konak Municipality in 2010.

Umran Baradan Games and Toys Museum has a special collection of toys from various countries, as well as toys from the 1800s. In addition, you can see really special toys such as 'first real-hair baby', 'Mickey Mouse', which inspired the cartoon with the same name, 'Laterna Magica', an early type of projector and predecessor of cinema, and many other firsts such as doll houses, cars, and fairy tale protagonists.

The lower floor of the museum, where more than a thousand toys are located, is used as an exhibition hall. Throughout the year, workshops and demonstrations such as playing Karagoz-Hacivat for children are organized as part of museum training activities for different age groups.

Each step will be a fun, entertaining and at the same time memorable journey for adults, where you can see toys from different periods and cultures.

Finally, don't forget to enjoy the view from the garden of the museum!


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