Buca Municipality Vineyard House and Vineyard Museum

Buca / İzmir

Buca Municipality Vineyard House and Vineyard Museum

Opened by the Municipality of Buca in 2016, the vineyard house and museum is part of a project that aims to make Buca a wine growing center. It is aimed to utilize the local grapes of Buca, to ensure that the producers of Buca do not give up viticulture and to build a sustainable development model through agriculture. The 'Miniature Museum', was opened to explain the agriculture lessons given to primary and secondary school students in the vineyard house, vineyard pruning, viticulture and how grape is an important product for the whole Mediterranean, is a part of this purpose. In the Miniature Museum, besides grape and viticulture, grape must, vinegar, molasses etc. there are panels showing the production stages of the products. There is also a section in the basement of the building to create a tinder stone.


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