Urla Tahaffuzhane Island / Tahaffuzhane Museum

Urla / İzmir

Urla Tahaffuzhane Island / Tahaffuzhane Museum

It was first established in 1865 under the name of Tafahhuzhane (Quarantine) of Klazomen [Urla]. The building, which was built by the French, who were advanced in sterilization at that time, was established by the Ottoman Empire at the beginning of the 19th century to prevent the spread of epidemics such as cholera, plague, typhoid, typhoid, smallpox, yellow fever and spotted fever. Tahaffuzhane was used for pilgrims traveling to and from Anatolia, Rumelia, Bosnia and Russia, especially for the northern pilgrimage route with trade and cruise ships, and it continued to function until 1950. Standing for more than a hundred and fifty years with its building and equipment, Tahaffuzhane is one of the three registered quarantine islands that have survived in the world, along with Ellis Island in America and Zupa Dubrovacka Island in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


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