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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.


Where The Past Meets The Present

Bayraklı, one of the oldest settlements in İzmir with its history dating back 5,000 years, is a district where the traces of history and contemporary life are intertwined. Smyrna Ancient City and the legendary tomb of Tantalos within its borders, the district grows into becoming the newest trade center of the city day by day.

Smyrna Ancient City

Smyrna is one of the places you should definitely see in Bayraklı. The ancient city, which carries the traces of 5,000 years of history of civilization, is one of the first settlements of İzmir. The area, which is thought to be named after the Queen of the Amazon, Smyrna, is located on a mound in Bayraklı. The Temple of Athena, Athena Avenue, Double Megaron, Wall, Monumental Fountain, Burial Site and The Tomb of Tantalos are waiting for you in Smyrna.

Natural beauties of Bayraklı

Yamanlar Mountain and Karagöl are the first places to spend time in nature around Bayraklı. Yamanlar Mountain, which is swarmed with locals during the summer, thanks to its cool and clean air, hosts those who want to play snowball in the winter. Nature lovers who are ready to climb the 800 to 1,070 meters high mountain should visit Karagöl, which is surrounded by century-old trees, and also known as Lake Tantalos in legends.

Saint Antoine Catholic Church

Another place you should see in Bayraklı is Saint Antoine Catholic Church. The foundations of the church were laid in 1902. The bell towers of the church were demolished during an earthquake and only its cut stone tower adjacent to the building remains today. The church was damaged again during an earthquake in 1966 and was renovated in 1990 along with the monastery.

Other places to see in Bayraklı

Established at the top of the recreational area in General Nafiz Gürman Neighborhood, the World Peace Memorial makes its visitors feel like they're watching the Gulf of İzmir from the sky. The memorial offers the opportunity to watch İzmir from a bird's eye view at its observation terrace.

Ord. Professor Dr. Ekrem Akurgal Life Park, named after the scientist who discovered the ruins of the Ancient City of Smyrna, is waiting for you with its sports areas, cafeteria, exhibition area, children's playgrounds, outdoor parking area, jogging and walking paths, and resting places

Tepekule Congress Center is the biggest congress center in the borough. It also serves as an outdoor cinema during the summer. The center, which has four floors and a total of 7,500 square meters indoor space, has 2 fair halls and lounges.

Where to Visit

The first place to visit in Bayraklı is Smyrna Ancient City, which is one of the first settlements of İzmir. The Temple of Athena, Athena Avenue, Double Megaron, Wall, Monumental Fountain, Burial Site, and The Tomb of Tantalos are waiting for you here. The World Peace Memorial which offers a unique view of the Gulf of İzmir from the sky is another place to see. If you want to have a pleasant day in nature, we recommend you to visit Yamanlar Mountain and Karagöl. You can have a picnic in Karagöl, which also serves as a camping site, and explore the area by bicycle. Saint Antoine Catholic Church, Ord. Professor Dr. Ekrem Akurgal Life Park, and Folkart Art Gallery are among the other places to visit in Bayraklı.

What to Do

There are many shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and other entertainment options in the central Bayraklı district of İzmir. You can watch the panoramic sunset of İzmir from the World Peace Monument or enjoy a day full of history at the Ancient City of Smyrna.

What to Eat?

In Bayraklı there are many restaurants that offer different tastes ranging from the best dishes of Aegean and international cuisine to street flavors.


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