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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

A Day Full of Art

Themed Routes

A Day Full of Art


İzmir is a paradise for art lovers. Here are some destinations to visit when you’d like to spend a day full of art in this beautiful city.

As one of Turkey's most modern cities, İzmir offers art lovers a myriad of choices that they will love.

For example, you can watch a play at İzmir State Theatre, go to a concert at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Art Center, one of the most beautiful art centers in Turkey, or watch a ballet at İzmir State Symphony Orchestra. 

You can visit an art, marbling, or photo exhibition at culture and art centers in the city center. 

You can attend a festival taking place during your time in Izmir. You may get a chance to watch world-famous artists and events at festivals, such as the İzmir European Jazz Festival, the Puppet Festival, and the International İzmir Festival.

Here are some suggestions if you’d like to spend a day full of art in İzmir:

Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center

The center was built by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and named after Ahmet Adnan Saygun, the famous composer and musician born in İzmir in 1905. It has Turkey's first concert hall built with world standards.

With a total area of 29 thousand 500 square meters, Ahmed Adnan Saygun is one of the most qualified art centers in Turkey with its structure that is also appropriate for outdoor events; it consists of a large hall with the capacity of 1,126 people, a small hall with the capacity of 243 people, and 5 exhibition halls.

İzmir State Symphony Orchestra

Founded in 1975 to introduce, promote, ingratiate and develop the polyphonic music culture in the Aegean region and İzmir, the orchestra performs at Ahmet Adnan Saygun Art Center and İsmet İnönü Art Center. Concerts in these centers are organized on Thursdays and Fridays. You can check this page for the upcoming concerts.

İzmir State Theatre

İzmir State Theatre is one of the oldest art institutions in the city. Having its curtains open since 1957, the theatre still hosts performances toured in various cities and towns at many stages, particularly at Konak, Karşıyaka Ragıp Haykır, and Karşıyaka Chamber Theatre.

DEU Sabancı Culture Palace

This center in Konak has a large hall with 520 seats and a small one with 123 seats. In the building, which includes private classrooms, study rooms, workshops, 4 ballet studios, seminars, and orchestral rooms, art galleries, management and teaching rooms for all the branches of the conservatory, the plays of famous theater groups are exhibited and panels, concerts, and special events are organized.

Community Painting and Sculpture Museum, Art Gallery

İzmir Community Painting and Sculptures Museum Art Gallery which was opened in 1952 in Kültürpark, today welcomes its visitors with its rich collection of paintings and sculptures in a three-story building in Konak, the heart of the city.

The gallery which serves to promote the spread of plastic arts and to support talented artists as well as exhibiting the works of famous artists, has a total of 546 works, including more than 400 paintings. 

The museum, where workshops for traditional hand and decorative arts such as gilding, miniature, tile-making, marbling, sim-glaze, etc. are organized, has also a library of art history books and two galleries.

İzmir State Opera and Ballet

This charming historical building, which is located next to the National Library and used to serve as Elhamra Cinema, has been serving as the State Opera and Ballet since 1982. 


When it comes to culture and art, Kültürpark is one of the most popular places in İzmir.

Atatürk Open-Air Theatre hosts all kinds of stage arts and brings many Turkish and international musicians, ballet dancers, folk dancers, actors and actresses to İzmir. The theater has a capacity of 2,870 spectators. The events are held in the summer, between May and September.

İzmir Art and İsmet İnönü Art Center, on the other hand, hosts many panels, seminars, plays, movie screenings, concerts, and exhibitions throughout the year.

The Youth Theater, which is located next to Kültürpark Tennis Club, is allocated for school theater clubs and private theaters that put on plays free of charge. The building also hosts events such as conferences, seminars, and panels.

Hikmet Şimşek Art Center

Opened under the name of Karşıyaka Opera and Theatre Stage in 2011, the center was given the name of the famous Turkish maestro, musician Hikmet Şimşek. The Art Center performs along with Karşıyaka Chamber Orchestra throughout the season. In the center, there is an exhibition center and a hall with a capacity of 517, including the lodge.

Ege University Atatürk Cultural Center

Ege University Atatürk Cultural Center, which has three different halls, a gallery, and seminar rooms, hosts many theater plays, exhibitions, and panels. You can check the event calendar of the center in Konak clicking here.

Bostanlı Suat Taşer Open Air Theater 

Bostanlı Suat Taşer Open Air Theater, which is one of the famous event spots of İzmir, hosts plays, concerts, and other events. Thanks to its roof that can be closed, the theater can host events every season of the year.

Türkan Saylan Culture and Art Center 

Located in Alsancak, on the Kıbrıs Şehitleri (Cyprus Martyrs’) Street, the center hosts numerous painting exhibitions, panels, interviews, film screenings and so on throughout the year. The center also organizes workshops for children, young people, and adults.

İnciraltı İzmir Art Open Air Theater 

İnciralti İzmir Art Open Air Theater, located in the Gençlik Parkı (Youth Park) in Balçova, hosts many concerts, plays, and different events throughout the year.

Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center of Güzelyalı

Güzelyalı Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center, which is affiliated to Konak Municipality Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs, offers a wide range of services with Nazım Hikmet Stage, Art Gallery, and course rooms such as plays, concerts, panels, seminars, and painting, sculpture, and photography exhibitions.

Konak Municipality Selahattin Akçiçek MD Cultural Center

The center, which consists of Avni Anıl Stage, a small hall, painting workshop, and a course room, is used as a multi-purpose center. The concerts, plays, and panels are held at the Avni Anıl Stage, which has 278 seats. In the small hall, which has a capacity of 40 people, mainly choir works are performed. The center also organizes workshops for children, young people, and adults.

Karşıyaka Municipality Ziya Gökalp Culture and Art Center 

This cultural center, which is the home to the Karşıyaka Municipality Theater, hosts plays regularly during the season between October and May. Karşıyaka Municipality Ziya Gökalp Culture and Art Center has an interesting feature: The children’s plays are staged by children. In the summer, workshops for 10-14, 15-25, and 30-50 age groups are organized for theater enthusiasts.

Historical Gas Plant Culture Center

The Gas Plant, which was built by the company Laidloux and Sons located in Glasgow in 1862, started production in 1867. The structure, which is an important value of the city in terms of the industrial heritage, was restored by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2007. Today, the restaurant and cafe in the building welcome guests in a calm and peaceful environment. Outdoor movie screening, concerts, and workshops are held in the building.

Arkas Art Center

The sea-viewing side of the French Honorary Consulate Building, which has been serving since 1875 in İzmir as one of the most beautiful works of its period, was assigned to Arkas Holding by the French Government for 20 years to be used for cultural and artistic purposes. Following one-year of restoration works, the building was opened under the title “Arkas Art Center” in 2011. There are 9 exhibition rooms and 1 atelier in the historical building consisting of 2 floors. To know about the event schedule, please click here.

Folkart Gallery

In the Folkart Gallery, which is established on the 18th floor of the B Tower of the Folkart Towers and has an 800 square meter area, modern and contemporary art exhibitions are held.

The other art centers

Apart from the destinations mentioned above, there are many other art centers for exhibitions, panels, and seminars in İzmir such as Narlıdere Municipality Atatürk Cultural Center, Balçova Municipality Culture House, Kedi Culture and Arts Center, French Cultural Center - Institut Française, German Cultural Center - Goethe Institute, Turkish-American Association, and Turkish-Italian Friendship and Culture Association.

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