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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.



Like many other water sports, sailing is also very popular and developed in İzmir. You can see experienced sailors and students of sailing schools gliding like swans in the Gulf when the conditions are good.

In addition to Göztepe and Karşıyaka, the two arch-rivals and eternal friends of the city, there are 10 more sailing clubs in İzmir.

By attending the courses of these schools, you can learn about clothing, equipment, getting on and off the sail, security, sailor’s knots, how to use a walky-talky, and much more about sailing.

Here are all the sailing clubs in İzmir:

Göztepe SK Sailing

The sailing branch of Göztepe SK was founded in 1937 in İzmir. It had many titles in Turkey in the classes such as dinghy, snipe, flying Dutchman, dragon, sharpie, finn. It also raised many international sailors.

The branch has been located in Urla since 2004.

Address: Göz Göz Kulüp Binası, Mithatpaşa Cad. No:1170 Güzelyalı, İzmir

Phone: +90 541 925 1925 - +90 444 1925 (int: 8)


Karşıyaka SK Sailing

One of Turkey's oldest sailing clubs, Karşıyaka managed to raise Turkish and world champions.

KSK’s sailing branch provides basic sailing training for beginners and advanced sailing training for those who have completed the basic training.

Address: 2040 Sokak No:19, Mavişehir, Karşıyaka, İzmir

Phone: +90 232 368 69 95


Ege Açıkdeniz Yacht Club

In 1999, during the Çeşme Festival, as a result of a yacht race, the idea of the Ege Açıkdeniz Yacht Club emerged, and the club was founded in 2000 with the participation of many sea enthusiasts, owners of sailboats and motor yachts in Çeşme.

The club provides education for adults who are into sailing but don’t have means to take courses.

Ege Açıkdeniz Yacht Club is located in Çeşme Marina since 2016.

Address: Sığacık Mh. Akkum Cad. No:4 Teos Marina İçi Seferihisar, İzmir

Phone: +90 232 745 81 00


İzmir Sailing Academy

İzmir Sailing Academy was founded in 2002 in İzmir, by Olympic-athlete Kaan Özgönenç. It provides sailing courses for 12 months a year. The athletes of the club participate at least one race per week for 37 weeks of the year.

The capacity of the classes is 5 people. The students are provided with basic navigation and mapping training, basic yachting training, yacht racing team training, cruising, accommodation sailing training, and senior yachting training. The graduates are provided a certificate in the academy.

Address: 1441 Sokak No:2 Daire: 6 Çetindağ Apartmanı Alsancak, İzmir

Phone: +90 232 484 64 65


Çeşmealtı Windsurf and Sailing Club

The club was founded in 2016 in Urla’s İçmeler Bay. It’s a member of the Turkish Sailing Federation. It currently has 48 licenses athletes and two trainers, who chase success in Techno 293 U13, U15, U17 classes, and RS:X races.

The club provides basic and advanced windsurfing and sailing training, yacht racing training, Olympic class windsurfing, and sailing training, and optimist class sailing training.

Address: İçmeler, İçmeler Cd. No:103, 35430 Urla/İzmir

Phone: +90 505 378 02 97


Foça Sailing Specialized Club

Foça Sailing Specialized Club was founded in 1990 as one of the first federated clubs for the sport, aims to make children and young people love the sea and water sports. The club, which provides training in classes such as Optimist and laser, raises athletes participating in national and international races. By organizing races, the club also brings together young people who are members of different clubs in the city.

Address: Atatürk, 35687 Foça, İzmir

Phone: +90 530 301 65 75


İzmir Özel Türk Koleji Sailing Club

İTK’s sailing club was founded in 2003. After recognized as a federated club by Turkish Sailing Federations, it started its activities in Sahilevleri. İTK has courses for optimist class.

İTK Sailing Club’s courses continue all year long in İncirli, and they are open to students between the ages of 6 and 13, who’d like to learn sailing.

Address: Çankaya, 141. Sokak., Mithatpaşa Cad. 687-689, 35280 Köprü, Konak / İzmir

Phone: +90 232 244 05 00


TEOS Yacht and Sailing Club

Teos Yacht and Sailing Club was founded in 2018 in Sığacık. It has activities in many water sports, particularly sailing. By 2018, it participated in national and international races by its optimist, laser, and 420 sailing teams. The club also provides basic sailing and yachting training for young people and adults.

Address: Teos Marina, Sığacık Mahallesi, Akkum Caddesi No:4, 35460 Seferihisar / İzmir

Phone: +90 542 323 30 25

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