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One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

One Day Trip Efes - Selçuk

Today we’re in Selçuk, which has witnessed many different periods of history...

A Day Full of History

A Day Full of History

There are many historical buildings that deserve to be seen in the center of İzmir.

Third Age Tourism

Third Age Tourism

In terms of “senior tourism” which draws great interest globally, İzmir is an attractive destination.

Services provided to seniors in İzmir spread to different areas such as travel and city tours; hobby, culture and sports activities; and gastronomy.

İzmir, which is one the cities that has the best facilities in Turkey in terms of medical tourism, is a city preferred by seniors thanks to its 300 days of sun, closeness to provinces that have rich historical and cultural texture, and its healthy cuisine famous for its dishes with olive oil and vegetables.

Thermal facilities that are equipped with modern medicine utilities are the leading establishments. Seniors who visit the city to benefit from these facilities and to get treatment, while recovering, can also appraise tourism opportunities in the city.

If they’d like to do so, seniors can visit the archeological sites and bazaars accompanied with private guides, and experience healthy Aegean cuisine. Healthy diet menus and vegetarian menus that are prepared in these facilities kitchens by chefs who are well educated and many with international experience, provide a huge relief for the guests.

There are also many private medical institutions in İzmir that provide services aimed at diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.

İzmir attracts not only the seniors who come to the city as patients, but also the healthy seniors who want to enjoy the sea, sun, and sand, and that have an interest in cultural values.

In districts such as Gümüldür and Çeşme, package tours for tourists over 60 years of age are offered. These packages include benefiting SPA centers, healthy life support, and hobby and sport entertainment activities.

Senior Centers in İzmir

Healthy Aging and Unity Center

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Healthy Aging and Unity Center, serves as a center for citizens over 55, who live at home, to gather and increase their social and physical activities. Tn this center founded in 2007, members can participate in physical activities accompanied by a trainer, visit historic and touristic places of Izmir, and attend entertaining events. They can sing in a Turkish classical music choir and gather to have a chat. In the center, yoga, gymnastics, music, and handicraft can be done, tours and entertainment events are organized, networking meetings and movie days are arranged.

Address: İnönü Cad. No:817 Kat: 1 Üçkuyular, Karabağlar/İZMİR

Phone: +90 232 285 0779

Ziya-Zişan Saadet Aytulun Kardeşler Healthy Living Center for Seniors

Serving under Konak Municipality, Ziya Zişan Saadet Aytulun Kardeşler Healthy Living Center for Seniors is located in Halil Rıfat Paşa neighborhood. In the center where citizens over 55 benefit, medical screenings are performed. Hair dresser, computer rooms, gymnastics and movie saloons, hobby kitchen, game rooms, reading rooms, television rooms, music rooms and a canteen are also can be found in the center. Many courses and activities are provided to develop hand skills and to increase life quality, such as movie screenings, culture tours, computer education, poem performances, choir practices, reading-writing lessons, and various hobby courses.

Address: Halil Rıfat Caddesi No:380 Konak/İZMİR

Phone: +90 232 484 5300 / Dahili: 2984

İzmir, A Disabled Friendly City

İzmir perfectly deserves its reputation as “Disabled Friendly City” by enabling disabled citizens to wander around city easily and participate in life. The state institutions and organizations take various precautions and constantly develop new projects for this goal.

For instance, a guided path is implemented throughout the city for visually impaired. Yellow striped paths build with embossed material, enables visually impaired to walk easily, especially in main street pavements, squares and pedestrian crossings.

When it comes to public transportation, subway is the most preferred type, especially for orthopedically handicapped. Other than subway, municipality buses with specials platforms for handicapped and with regulations on ferries and state railways’ trains make the city more accessible for the disabled.

In Karşıyaka district, the playgrounds are also accessible for disabled kids.

Moreover, the accommodation facilities in Izmir have specially designed rooms for the disabled. In these facilities, mainly for physically disabled, rooms and dining rooms that are easily accessible by wheelchair can be found. In some establishments with thermal facilities, for disabled to easily enter water, specially designed elevators can be found.

Again, in Çeşme and Dikili districts of İzmir, the blue flagged and handicapped accessible beaches are available.

Disabled Service Centers

İnciraltı Disabled Service Center In this center

located in İnciraltı, next to the Kent Forest, in touch with sea and nature, disabled individuals can spend pleasant time with their families. In the center, a musical entertainment is arranged on each Wednesday. In the space specially designed for the disabled, cafeteria, picnic tables, and toilet facilities are provided. Moreover, you can find the only disabled scout group of Turkey in this center.

Address: Kent Ormanı, Bahçelerarası Mahallesi, Haydar Aliyev Blv, Bakü Caddesi, 35330 Balçova/İZMİR

Phone: +90 232 259 96 02

Buca Service Center

This center is located in Buca, within the Sosyal Yaşam Kampüsü (The Social Life Campus). In the center, pre-school and school education, personal development, social guidance, sports activities, crafts, painting and drama trainings for the disabled are provided. Their relatives can also join to different types of programs and trainings. In this way, the families become more conscious when their disabled children get education. Psychological guidance and counseling, and social counseling services for the disabled are also provided here.

Address: 1263 Sokak No:1 Aydoğdu Mahallesi Evka 1 Buca/İZMİR

Phone: +90 232 293 98 23

Konak Service Center

In this center located under Konak Multi Storey Car Park, courses such as painting, drama, table tennis, boccia, literacy and creative drama are provided. In addition, the Education Support Project for the Visually Impaired project is being carried out in collaboration with the Konak Provincial Public Library. Within the scope of the project, volunteer individuals participate in volunteer reading activities together with visually impaired individuals.

Address: Sümer, Milli Kütüphane Cd. No:41, 35260 Konak/İZMİR

Phone: +90 232 293 32 96

Awareness Center

The Awareness Center, first of its kind in Turkey, was launched in 2016 by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. Consultancy for the project was provided by Dokuz Eylül University Buca Education Faculty Special Education Department in order to draw attention to the problems of disabled people, the problems and the obstacles they encounter, and to raise awareness in other parts of the society.

Address: Çetin Emeç Mahallesi, Üniversiade Caddesi, 35330 Tırazlı Köyü, Balçova/İZMİR

Phone: +90 232 293 92 14

Specific to Visually Impaired

In İzmir, there are libraries for visually impaired to borrow and read Braille and audiobooks. 

Karşıyaka Municipality Library for Visually Impaired

In the library, 15600 works can be accessed digitally. From classics to contemporary novels, from history to psychology, works of any subject can be accessed. The works vocalized in this library are uploaded into Boğaziçi University Visually Impaired Technological Education Center’s(GETEM) database, allowing access for all the visually impaired throughout the country. 

Address: Cahar Dudayev Bulvarı No:171 (Başkent Üniversitesi Zübeyde Hanım Hastanesi ilerisi) Karşıyaka/İZMİR 

Phone: +90 232 330 28 93

İzmir Atatürk Provincial Public Library Visually Impaired Section

Since 1973, Izmir Ataturk Provincial Public Library, serves researchers and book lovers, in its own building on Mithapaşa Avenue in Konak. In the library, there is a special section for visually impaired. Visually impaired can benefit from book borrowing service from this section, which includes Braille and audio books. 

Address: Akdeniz, 1343. Sokak Kazım Dirit Cad. Mumcu iş hanı No:31, 35210 Konak/İZMİR 

Phone: +90 232 483 38 46 

Turkey Library for Visually Impaired

Turkey Library for Visually Impaired is founded in Izmir, in 2004, to provide access to written sources for the visually impaired living in Turkey and for the visually impaired that know Turkish but live abroad. It is the first and only library for visually impaired in Turkey, that serves academic and cultural developments of the visually impaired for free. Visually impaired people, who receive bookshelf service, can build up their own libraries. Turkey Library for Visually Impaired, provides free and non-return services all over Turkey, and also to England, Netherlands Cyprus, USA and Germany. Its services reached 3 thousand 300 visually impaired members. Audio and Braille novels, text books, and exam preparation books are prepared for library members. In addition, they have a monthly mp3 format magazine for teens and adults, called “Arkadaş”. 

Address: Gürsel Aksel Bulvarı. Mehmet Ali Akman Mah. Yunusoğlu Apt. No: 35/Z Üçkuyular-Konak/İZMİR 

Phone: +90 232 224 26 27

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İnciraltı Engelliler Parkı


Bahçelerarası, Engelliler Mrk. İçi Yolu, 35330 Balçova/İzmir