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Bergama - Pergamon

Discover the land of health, and nature with the path from Asclepieion to Kozak Plateau... Don't miss visiting the healing corridors of Asclepieion that whispers the words of antiquity!

Pergamon Ancient City (Acropolis)

Pergamon Ancient City is a significant cultural heritage site that showcases the rich history and culture of ancient Greece and Rome and it is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. You can see well-preserved structures such as royal palaces, temples, sanctuary, theater, Attalos House, Agora, Eumenes Gate, library and Gymnasium. Pergamon Theatre is one of the steepest theaters in the world and has a capacity of 10,000 people. Witness the magnificent view of the Acropolis!


It is a treatment center established in the name of the god of health, Asklepios, in the 4th century BC. It is known that it had the title of the most important treatment center of Western Anatolia in its period. It is dedicated to the Ancient Greek and Roman God of Health, Asclepios. It is estimated that the Pergamon Asclepieion was founded in the 4th century BC. Pergamon Asclepieion is also the oldest known school of psychiatry. The famous physician and philosopher Galenos is from Pergamon. You can visit Asclepieion and feel its healing power.

Red Basilica

The temple became a church in the 5th century AD. Because it is made completely of brick, it is known today as the Red Basilica. It appears that the temple was completely covered with marble when it was first built. There is also a synagogue structure within the boundaries of its courtyard. You can visit the Red Hall to see the well-preserved remains of structures that show the importance of this Basilica in the early Roman period.

Historical Bergama Houses

Are you looking for a place where you can explore the daily lives of people who lived in the past while walking on its streets? If your answer is yes, you should see the Historical Bergama Houses. It is possible to come across historical Bergama houses in almost every street of the Bergama district, where the settlement dates back to ancient times. Especially Kale and Atmaca Neighborhoods of Bergama are the regions where old stone and wooden houses are dominant. You can take lots of photos in these areas.

Bergama Arasta

Bergama Arasta, an Old Ottoman Bazaar dating back to the 14th century, is also the central bazaar of the district. There are shops in the Arasta Bazaar such as shoemakers, saddlers, tailors, and basket makers. Located in the Historical Bergama Arasta Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar is a suitable place for shopping for souvenirs. You can drink black mulberry juice, the famous beverage of the bazaar, and buy traditional products in Bergama Arasta.

Bergama Museum

The museum opened in 1936 and is the first archaeological excavation museum of the Young Turkish Republic. You can see many archaeological artifacts from different periods, from the Early Bronze Age to the Byzantine Period, in the museum. Most of these artifacts were found during excavations in and around Bergama. This museum offers a unique and fascinating journey through history and a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the ancient world.


Dikili is one of the places where you can experience green nature to the fullest while enjoying the deep blue sea. You can swim in almost every corner of Dikili. You can wander around the unique bays by boats departing from Bademli Harbor. Garip Island, Hanımın Bay, Pissa Beach, Denizköy Beach, Hayıtlı Bay are just some of the most beautiful free beaches in Dikili.

Çandarlı Fortress

Çandarlı is a coastal town in the Dikili district of İzmir. In the area where Çandarlı Castle is located, there has been a settlement since ancient times. The construction of the castle within its current plan and lines was carried out by the Genoese who captured Foça in the 14th century AD. Çandarlı Castle was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List in 2013. While you're in Çandarlı, don't forget to swim at the Blue Flag Çandarlı Kale Önü Public Beach and Doğu Public Beach!

Kozak Plateau and Ida-Madra Geopark

Located between Bergama and Ayvalık, Kozak Plateau is known for its magnificent natural landscapes and is very suitable for nature walks. Turkey's best quality pine nuts are grown here. At the same time, a part of the Ida-Madra Geopark is located in the Kozak Plateau. The granite tor topography in Kozak Plateau is a rare geological heritage worth seeing. You can be impressed by the unique natural beauty created by the pine nut trees and tor topography in Kozak!

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