Balçova is one of the most adorable districts of İzmir with green hills, healing thermal springs, historical and natural beauties, routes you can go hiking, a cable car facility, and business and shopping centers. It has an estimated past of 3.000 years. Just 8 km away from the city center, you can go and see Balçova without any bother.

Thermal springs in Balçova

Agamemnon Thermal Springs which was mentioned through the epic stories of Homer and the works of Strabon the geographer has been used as a healing home from ancient times up to nowadays. These thermal springs where the wounds of the soldiers of Alexander the Great were cured were the top most famous during those ages. There are opportunities for hot water, mud bath, and potable water within this district which is known as Balçova Kaplıcaları (Thermal Springs) nowadays. Over the springs, rises the thermal spring resort that offers a cure to thousands of sick people. 

Fascinating view from the cable car facilities

The cable car is one of the best places to watch İzmir and the Gulf. It is one of the most important picnic and recreation areas of İzmir which offers either to drink tea and coffee or to have a barbecue depending on the demands of its visitors. Make sure you do not leave İzmir without visiting this area that has all kinds of opportunities.

Inciraltı brings green and blue together

İnciraltı area is famous for its open-air theatre, flowers, sea, citrus, vegetable gardens, seafood restaurants, and cafes. Here, you come across unique green lands and blue seas that cannot be found anywhere else.

After their active duty, the Aegean Frigate and the Piri Reis submarine were converted into İnciraltı Naval Museum and welcomed people of all ages interested in seafaring.

Shopping in Balçova

Various handicraft products made by women at the “semtevi” training center, opened by the Balçova Municipality, are sold at the Organic Bazaar by women.

On the other hand, various shopping malls in Balçova bring life to the area. Due to the abundance of shopping centers, the population of the district almost doubles during the weekends. These malls offer lots of opportunities for a fun-filled day.

Where to visit

We recommend starting with the Teleferik (the cable car), which is identified with Balçova and will offer you a unique view of the Gulf. You can watch the sunset as you go up the hill in the cable car that serves every day except Mondays. If you want to spend a day with nature, you can check the hiking trails and have a picnic in İnciraltı City Forest which is spread over a large area. When you come to İnciraltı, we recommend you visit the Naval Museum, which consists of the Aegean Frigate and the Piri Reis submarine. In Balçova, famous for its hot springs, you can relax in the healing waters of Agamemnon Thermal Springs, whose history dates back 2500 years and has the cleanest water in Turkey.

What to do

The district, which hosts university students as well as the locals, has a wide variety of options when it comes to entertainment and shopping malls. You can go to these malls that have anything you’ll need for entertainment, such as water parks, cinemas, and shops. You can visit the Organic Market where handcrafted products are sold. You can explore the İnciralti City Forest, which is full of fig trees, by hiking or cycling


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