As the center of Izmir, Konak welcomes thousands of tourists during the day due to having many historical assets, developed culture, and vibrant urban life.

Symbols of İzmir in Konak

There are a ton of historical places you should see in Konak. The first one is The Clock Tower of course, which is the symbol of İzmir. It was built in 1901 as a tribute to the 25th anniversary of the succession of the throne of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. One of the things that visitors of İzmir always do is to be photographed in front of the Clock Tower and to feed the birds flying around.

The Historical Elevator, another symbol of the city, is the best structure to watch İzmir's view, thanks to its location.

Feel free to see this page to know more about Konak’s other historical places such as Elhamra Theatre, Pasaport Pier, and Konak Pier.

Other places you should definitely visit

Kemeraltı, which plays an important role in the city's trade life from past to present, is one of the popular destinations in Konak. Famous for its colorful shops, and restaurants that appeal to different tastes, it is one of the biggest open-air bazaars in our country, as well as its

Kordonboyu, the first place that comes to mind when İzmir is mentioned; Alsancak, where there are many original buildings; and Kültürpark, which hosts prestigious international fairs, are among other places to visit in Konak. The list is so long that we recommend you to spend a few days in this district if you’d like to see all of its beauties. We also encourage you to check the relevant pages if you’d like to visit the synagogues, churches, mosques, and inns in Konak.

Museums and historical areas

Konak is a real treasure for archeology enthusiasts, thanks to its museums and historical sites.

In the center of the city, there is the Agora Open Air Museum, a piece of the historical texture of Izmir, which is a city contains many cultures and many layers. To see the fascinating artifacts found during the excavations in the area, you should visit İzmir Archeology Museum, and İzmir History and Arts Museum.

Your next stop after Agora should be Kadifekale. The Castle on the Pagos Mountain, which is one of the icons of Izmir, was made in the Hellenistic Era by Lysimachos, one of Alexander the Great’s generals. Located on a 186-meter hill, Kadifekale is a location you can see a very wide area including the Gulf, Karşıyaka, Agora, Kemeraltı Bazaar, the docks, Kültürpark, and Basmane. Even the whole region including İnciraltı can be viewed from this spot.

There are many other museums to see in Konak, including İzmir Ethnography Museum, İzmir Atatürk Museum, Ahmet Piriştina City Archives and Museum, and State Railways - TCDD Museum. To see the whole list of museums in Konak, you can check this page.

Culture and art in Konak

Konak is also a district of culture and arts. There are many culture parks and art centers in the area. If you’re interested in plays, concerts, and other cultural activities, remember to check the programs of these many cultural and art centers in Konak.

Where to visit

We recommend you to spend more time in Konak than most other districts of İzmir because there are tons of different and beautiful places to visit here. You can start by seeing the Clock Tower located next to the Konak Yalı Mosque in Konak Square, which is one of the meeting points of the city. Kemeraltı Bazaar, one of the oldest bazaars with its centuries-old history, and the Kızlarağası Inn where you can taste the most beautiful Turkish coffee in İzmir are among the historical places you can visit and do shopping. Alsancak Train Station, Basmane Train Station, Stock Exchange Building, Old Ottoman Bank Building, Konak Pier, Pasaport, and Historical Elevator are some of the most valuable buildings that have survived until the present day. The Smyrna Agora ruins from the Roman period and Kadifekale built by Alexander the Great, the Polikarp Church built with the permission of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificient, and the Bet Israel Synagogue built as a Jewish sanctuary in the 1900s are among the historical heritages and still open to visitors. If you are interested in museums, you can visit the İzmir Mask Museum, Women's Museum, Radio and Democracy Museum, Game and Toy Museum, Joy and Cartoon Museum, İzmir Painting and Sculpture Museum, Ahmet Priştina City Archive and Museum, İzmir Atatürk House and Museum, and State Railways TCDD Museum and Art Gallery

What to do

You can walk at Kordonboyu which is one of the iconic places of İzmir and you can sit at one of the restaurants and cafés along the shore to enjoy the sunset. You can enjoy one of the best sceneries of İzmir from the Historical Elevator and take beautiful photographs. If you want to go shopping, Alsancak Kıbrıs Şehitleri (Cyprus Martyrs’) Street is the place to go. You can try Gazi Kadınlar (Women’s) Street for fun at night. Sevgi Yolu (The Road of Love), also known as the Bookstore Market, is a lively street full of small shops where you can find many souvenirs.



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