Located about 85 km away from İzmir, Tire is famous for its rich cultural heritage, thanks to the many civilizations that settled in the area throughout history. Are you ready to explore Tire which is among the stops of archeology enthusiasts due to its proximity to Kuşadası and Selçuk?

A unique destination for history enthusiasts

Yavukluoğlu (Yoğurtçuoğlu) Complex, built by Yavukluoğlu Mustafa Bey in 1492, has managed to survive until this day. The mosque was renovated in 2005 and opened to the public for praying. There are many other historical mosques in Tire waiting for you to explore them, such as Ulu Mosque, Gucur Mosque, Tahtakale Mosque (Yeşil İmare).

List of other important structures in Tire includes Kayıstiros stone graves, Kutu Inn, Abdüsselam (Ali Efe) Inn, Yeni (Mathius) Inn, Kurşunluhan (Bakırhan) Inn, Şemsi Small Mosque and Ayazma, Eski Yeni Bath, and many more you can keep discovering on this page.

Necip Paşa Library, which was constructed by the former Baghdad Governor and Minister Necip Pasha in 1827, was founded for the madrasah students to be educated with modern literature. There are more than 10,000 books in the library today.

İzmir Tire Museum, founded in 1935, is an archeology and ethnography museum that holds many objects including silver coins (mangir) pressed in the Tire Printing House during the Ottoman Era, statues from between 3500 B.C. and 1100 A.D, handwritten Korans, and much more.

Don’t forget to visit Tire Bazaar

In the Tire Bazaar, at which more than 1.700 counters are set up every Tuesday, food such as local herbs and vegetables, dairy products and oil as well as point lace, canvas and felt products, clogs, saddles, tin products, and urgan rope are sold. The Bazaar, which spreads to almost every street of the town, welcomes visitors from İzmir, Selçuk, and Kuşadası.

Tire is one of the rare districts where traditional handicrafts have managed to survive. When you visit the bazaar, don’t forget to have a little chat with craftsmen and craftswomen. You can listen to many stories about this tradition, accompanied by a cup of Turkish coffee.

Where to Visit

Tire is a warm and lively place that attracts both foreigners and visitors from neighboring cities and districts with its historical texture, unique colorful houses, streets, mosques, delicious food, and market which is famous for its size. The first place we recommend you to see in Tire, which has many buildings that history enthusiasts can visit, is Theos Mausoleum. The monumental tomb in Halkapınar village is thought to be from the 2nd century B.C. Among the other important places you can visit are the Yoğurtoğlu Complex, which has been preserved very well since the 15th century, the Necip Pasha Library, built by Georgian Necip Pasha in 1827 and hosting many valuable books, the Tahtakale Bath, the Yalınayak Bath from the Ottoman period, and the Ali Baba Dervish Lodge. We recommend you to visit the Tire Museum, which was built by Halil Yahşibey in 1935 and archives the history of the region from the Roman period to the present day. It serves as a museum of archeology and ethnography. Then it’s time for the famous Tire Market, which is established on Tuesdays and spread to almost every street of the district. With more than 1500 stalls, Tire Market is one of the best 10 when it comes to herbs. In addition to organic products, you can also find needle lace and cross-stitch handicrafts made by local women.


You can visit the Tire Market on Tuesday to buy organic herbs and vegetables, handicrafts made by local women, and antiques.


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